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More speakers added daily! Startup Canada Day on the Hill

The Hon. Bill Morneau Minister of Finance

The Hon. Bill Morneau Minister of Finance

Keynote Speaker Business

Marissa McTasney Founder & CEO, MoxieTrades

The Hon. Bardish Chagger

The Hon. Bardish Chagger
Minister of Small Business & Tourism

Speaker entrepreneurs

Jonathon Ortmans President of Global Entrepreneurship Week and advisor to U.S. President Obama

His Excellency Rafael Barak Israeli Ambassador to Canada

His Excellency Rafael Barak Israeli Ambassador to Canada

Allen Lau Co-Founder of Wattpad

Allen Lau
Co-Founder of Wattpad

Remembering You Are A Coach, Not A Player

Coaching Pod Cast

Download the latest Startup Canada Podcast!

In the eyes of Boris Wertz, founder of Version One Ventures, being a successful venture capitalist means, “remembering you are a coach, not a player.” Hear more from Wertz in the latest Startup Canada Podcast, brought to you by .CAQuickbooks OnlineSteadfastbeta, and TruShield. New episodes go live every Tuesday at 10am ET!

Starup Canada Youth

Startup Canada partners with the Startup Youth movement 

Jenny Hua, the creator of an app that connects parents to babysitters, won a pitch competition organized by Startup Youth during a March Break Bootcamp for high-school aged entrepreneurs in Ottawa. Click here to see what these talented young innovators got up to!

Startup Canada Award

Canada Business features success stories of 2015 Startup Canada Award Winners

Read these inspiring success stories of women entrepreneurs, featured on the Canada Business Network! From a health startup to a clothing empire, these women entrepreneurs have grown socially-conscience and innovative business worth celebrating.

Startup Canada Federal Budget & UberPitch


Startup Canada deconstructs the 2016 Federal Budget 

The Government of Canada will table an Innovation Agenda within the year, Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced during his 2016 Budget Speech last month. Startup Canada’s Kathryn Forrest reports on 10 ways the 2016 Federal Budget will affect Canadian entrepreneurs. 
Uber pitch

UberPITCH connects entrepreneurs and investors on April 7

Victoria Lennox, CEO and Co-Founder of Startup Canada as well as Stephen Partridge, investor, advisor, and Startup Canada Board Member are riding along with UberPITCH to hear entrepreneurs pitch their startup! Entrepreneurs are invited to use a promo code to find investors driving around their city – secure your ride in your city here!

Be Inspired, Grow & Inovate with 1,500 Entrepreneurs

Startup Canada Hill Day

Be INSPIRED, GROW & INNOVATE with 1,500 entrepreneurs, innovators & policy makers at Startup Canada Day on the Hill!

We just announced a great lineup for Startup Canada Day on the Hill including leading Canadian entrepreneurs like Tony Lacavera, Chairman of Globalive and former CEO of WIND Mobile, Jonathon Ortmans, a top advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama, and the Hon. Bill Morneau, Canada’s Federal Finance Minister.

Get your tickets today to exchange business cards with over 1,500 entrepreneurs and fellow business visionaries, walk away with cutting-edge insights from those working to build Canada into the innovation nation of the future, receive invaluable mentorship advice, participate in policy hack-a-thons and pitch competitions, and connect with the who’s who of entrepreneurship and innovation during a Startup Soiree overlooking the iconic Parliament Hill.

The action happens May 5. Join us!

Calling All Entrepreneurs!

May 5th Startup Canada

Join us for Canada’s BIGGEST gathering of entrepreneurs, innovators & policy makers.

Couldn’t make it to that once-in-a-lifetime conference in Silicon Valley?

Startup Canada and Marissa McTasney owner of Moxie Trades have you covered. Get your business cards ready!

We’re inviting you to shake hands with Canada’s top entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, politicians, and government decision-makers at Startup Canada Day on the Hill. Instead of beefing up your Linkedin and attending countless networking events, we’re giving you the chance to meet with over 1,500 entrepreneurs and fellow business-visionaries in one shot.

You’ll walk away with cutting-edge insights from those working to build Canada into the innovation-nation of the future. It’s your opportunity to connect with leaders, receive invaluable mentorship advice, participate in policy hack-a-thons and pitch competitions, and connect with the who’s who of entrepreneurship and innovation during a Startup Soiree overlooking the iconic Parliament Hill.

The action happens at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa on May 5, 2016 from 9am – 7.30pm. Register today at using promo code STARTUPDAY25 to receive 25% off your tickets!

Why attend?

  • Connect with 1,500 entrepreneurs and leading anchor companies.
  • Gain valuable mentorship, inspiration and cutting-edge insights from Canada’s top entrepreneurs like Tony Lacavera, founder of Wind Mobile.
  • Contribute YOUR voice to the Government of Canada on creating the conditions for entrepreneurial success.
  • Pitch to win, get noticed and get plugged in.
  • Find a mentor to champion you and be mentor to pay it forward.


#FEMCapital Campaign: Celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship

Today is the day! Purchase our book, Feminine Capital ‘Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs’, through Amazon and receive a collection of FREE gifts that include:

  • 2 interactive webinars with authors Barbara Orser and Catherine Elliott.
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  • Exclusive access to a Knowledge Exchange Library of training webinars, templates, eBooks, resources and articles.

By purchasing our book today you are also participating in the #FEMCapital Campaignwhich celebrates and harnesses the power of women entrepreneurs.

Ready to participate?

Purchase Feminine Capital


We have collaborated with the Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada (WEOC) and organizing partner Women’s Enterprise Centre of British Columbia (WEC) to launch the #FEMCapital Campaign. We are delighted that the book Feminine Capital was chosen as the lead educational resource!


What Do You Need?

If only the words to Justin Bieber’s song started with What do you need? I had to listen to it several times this morning to make sure I heard it right but alas, the words are What do you mean?  But, I’m still a Belieber.
I have not communicated well with our e-blast program.  Here’s why!
The marketing gurus and business financiers of the world have advised me to sell the product. Product first! Women second! Well, NOT on my watch. So I have been lazy to communicate because selling YOU just isn’t my gig. They fail to realize that my business started because I was a tradeswoman who wanted to wear well fitting and cute work boots.
I love the oxymoron of life – showing strength in a tutu.  It has served me well and truly reflects how I feel on the inside.  How I feel is never a secret to anyone; sorry to those who have witnessed my passionate pleas to make a change. If it weren’t for the tutu and the pink, people might be scared.
I have been fortunate to work with a Federal Minister as part of a panel to help determine tools needed for women to be successful in business.  I toured a second time across Canada with StartUp Canada and met with thousands of entrepreneurs.
In business, I have had the shit kicked out of me.  For the love of moxie! A gift I have been blessed and honoured with.  If only I knew the gift it would be nine years ago.
Without our pink work boot, I would not have had a voice to make a change. I do not whisper for my voice will not be heard.  I can be controversial, passionate, (a good forgiving word to describe a tiraid) and stubborn.
Now… THIS is who we are and the vision behind the brand of 
Moxie Trades:
As neighbours, supporters gather to support my cause, we celebrate and shoot the 2016 catalogue in my hometown.  How gorgeous right?
Then, the idea came to inspire the next generation of women.  Thank you to my gorgeous daughter and her fearless and moxie friends. I will protect these spirits as my life depends on it.
These two photoshoots and the girls inspired the Got Moxie Challenge where we will create a program to inspire young women and donate bursaries and grants. Please join our movement #IGOTMOXIE
Now, we have quarterly contests at Moxie where we give $1000+ in cash and prizes away to a woman with Moxie.

Monthly, we give away Auction Packs to be used to raise funds for various causes we believe in.  We call it our Pink Pack! (Not many left for 2016.)

We also have our 2016 Moxie Trades Calendar.  Each month, we choose a charity or cause to promote.  The “cause” receives $250.00 toward their charity + they received 25 calendars to sell for additional fund-raising. Each charity also received a promo code to be used on our website.  With this promo code 10% of all sales (not profits but total sales) goes to the charity.  We have already donated $500+ in 2016.

Here’s a snapshot of January;
we showcased Moxie Calendar Girl,
Angela Tristram; an entrepreneur who started
Whistle Inc. – linking skilled trades employers with skilled trades employees.


After nine years in the business, we continue to receive requests like “Help me find a job in the trades” to “How do I clean my pink work boots” or “I want to hire a painter, do you know anyone?”
Our work boots pay for us to do the above which is WHY we are in business, but
How can we best serve you and what do you expect from 
Moxie Trades?

From a Moxie Trades Work Boot Brand Perspective, please tell me what you need:

  • a type of work boot?  (we are developing NOW for 2017)
  • have a specific feature or style you are looking for?
  • want us to re-instate the Tradeswoman Directory?   I created this directory so I could find other women in the trades to work with. (yes, I can still swing a hammer)?
  • BLOGS – want us to talk about Safety or DIY Projects?

Other than product info and deals, how can we best serve YOU?

From an Entrepreneurship point of view, what do you need:

  • resources?
  • contacts?
  • advice?  what specifics?
Please email me or reply to this blog.  I want to do good work, not a lot of work and don’t want to be busy to be busy.  I’d rather be useful.
Email me directly and share your thoughts!
I challenge you… if we are not contributing, what the hell are we doing?  Let’s get out there and make a difference.
Do one thing or everything you can think of. It’s progress either way.


It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business!


Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.09.55 AM

It’s not personal, it’s just business.
Really? I’m not buying it for one second.  Never have and never will.

I started Moxie Trades in 2006.  In 2008, I appeared on Dragons’ Den.  In 2009, I totally lost who I was.  I won retailers, lost retailers.  Won business partners, lost business partners.  Hired staff, fired staff.  Lost money and lost money. Obviously, I struggled and survived Moxie Trades as I’m still ticking away in my Moxie footwear world.

At the time, Trump’s opening line on the Apprentice was “it’s not personal, it’s just business.” Huh?

As an entrepreneur, if it’s not personal, what is it?  I have cried, thrown temper tantrums and been emotionally depleted. Financially… my personal finances took big hits as we re-mortgaged our home AGAIN.  I hired staff that were cheap and incompetent as I could not afford to hire the best.  I feared taking someone away from a stable job to join my shaky start-up.  As a result of an unskilled team, the 250 hours of staffing I paid for every week was a waste.  I would get up at 4am, go into the office or work from home, then off to meetings, have dinner with my family and back to the office until 1 or 2am to finish up the work that my team was not able to complete.  I tried to coach and created system after system to catch mistakes but I failed miserably. I could never understand how I could get it done and they couldn’t.  To this day, I feel like I was robbed of money and time.

Personally, my life was on the brink of complete deterioration.  I don’t know how we hung on; it must be love.

I gained an education; it’s been expensive but I have experience that I am grateful for.

I have traveled the world; China, Germany, France, England, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Hawaii and many other states in the USA.  I know Canada from coast to coast and love every city in our awesome country.  I worked with a Federal Minister in 2014 and enjoyed another tour across Canada this fall with StartUp Canada.

Today, I am in Sosua, Dominican Republic.  I get up early before my babies and my husband.  I wake up, hearing the ocean waves hitting our beach that is steps away.  I make my morning coffee and work away on the veranda.  This week is about planning and writing.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 9.16.32 AMIt couldn’t be more personal than this.  My business has afforded me the opportunity to travel the world, fail big, live wholeheartedly, meet the best people on the planet and work from the beach.  It’s pretty personal.  I believe that if it’s not personal, then you won’t be able to stick through it.  The privileges of entrepreneurship are gifted to those who have made it personal and stayed in the game long enough.

For the next 12 weeks, I will be sharing my insights and my recommendations to get you into a place of personal success. My tricks and tips for starting up and staying up, happy and peacefully.

 Hope you join me.

New Canadians are coming….

My note to the team of people who helped provide boots for the Syrian Refugees coming to Canada.
“I wanted to send everyone a note to say Thank-you.  You all dropped everything and prioritized these orders so that we get to say that we were a small part of something significant.
I was greeted into Tootsies stores by a team members that said, we got a note that “you could take whatever you wanted.”  A girl’s dream walking into a shoe store!
TTG, my distributor who keeps me in business, hustled to pick orders and pack ’em but I knew you would because you are totally awesome.
Neil Melnick expedited inventory lists and had people driving to ship orders within minutes so that we could complete the orders.  Neil also ran from store to store and called other suppliers so we had access to more inventory when and if we get that big order for the rest of the refugees that are coming home to Canada.
Late Wednesday, we received a note that we were short 22 pairs so back to TTG I went yesterday morning.  My daughter and her friend said they were coming with me, they are both 10.  What a great lesson on compassion and being Canadian that we were able to teach them.  And now, they will always remember “When the Syrians came and the 4am drive to deliver boots for them.”  Sara’s Mom also pointed out that two business women are working hard and together to make this happen.  So… The girls now have a business plan and want to give all their money to charity.  (I pointed out that money is good and we need to make profit first.)  However, all in all – amazing lessons learned by 2 inspired and tired kids.
Jody, thank you for calling me.  I am so blessed to know “the woman the government calls when 25,000 refugees are coming to Canada.”  Thank you
We all know, we are in business to make money but not many get to experience these magical moments.  These moments are not lost on me and are in fact, my driving force but you all probably knew that already.
Thank you everyone for staying with me and supporting me.  I totally get to enjoy the perks and privileges of being an entrepreneur and staying in the game long enough to enjoy the good stuff.
I am really grateful!!
Thank you and Happy Friday!”