Find Your People

Devastating news…  Kate Spade passes away of apparent suicide.

As I hustle in my Moxie Trades world, I am in constant reflection of my values. I have struggled with a (not severe) type of depression and anxiety – I have only been in that dark place a couple of times and that was 3 years ago with the divorce from my sister, niece and two nephews. In addition to my family break-up, this amazing empire at Moxie Trades can certainly kick my ass at times. My saving grace has been my life-saver Traci Trimble who coached me out of darkness with coping skills. I now take what I call my daily happy pill and…. I studied Robin Sharma and affirmed my values and intentions. They have been tested but life is easier with these rules I live by.
I bought Frankie her first Kate Spade purse and wallet last week for her 13th Birthday. Sad that Kate’s daughter is 13 at the time of her passing. For any of you suffering… please do not. Please seek immediate help.
1. Know your values – everything else can take a running leap off a tall bridge. (Family, friends, career, legacy, health, adventure, spirituality, and economics)
2. prioritize these values
3. assign rules to them
4. assign mentors to them (alive or dead)
5. Surround yourself with love and nothing else.
6. Find your people – your Traci, your Angela, your Catherine, your Tanya, your Jackie… your….. people, your 911.

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