Keynote: Finding your MOXIE!
The Beginning of Entrepreneurship
The definition of moxie is “the ability to face fear with spirit and courage.” I ditched my high heels for work boots, jumped in with both feet and face my fears every day to follow my passions and dreams.  I will share my experiences and help you tap into what lifts your heart and ignites your passion.

  • Discover your “aha moments” and turn your thoughts into action
  • Overcoming your fears and taking the next step
  • Define “balance” – is it possible and what is the sacrificial road to love, peace and happiness
  • Evaluate risk – understand the risks involved and the freedom to choose what’s right for you
  • Making the move – understand how one person can make a difference

Keynote: Moxie Trades – Brand and Product
Building a Brand and Developing a Business
I had an “AHA moment” that day I bought a pair of men’s work boots.  I turned a statement into a product and then into a multi-million dollar brand. My husband and I personally funded my business with money and time, received government loans, financed through order financing, factoring, partnered with a finance company and then signed the largest deal ever closed on Dragons’ Den at the time. In 2009, I partnered with Tender Tootsies/TT Group as operational partner to my business.

I have built a brand starting with one iconic product and an amazing story with a mission.
I’ve sold to the largest retailers in the world, lost an exclusivity deal with a major retailer (now out of business), I have sold my dream and vision to one of the best retailers in Canada; Marks Work Wearhouse. I have inked a deal with a dragon and billionaire; W Brett Wilson. I have launched in the US. I have sold products that keep women safe on the inside and out. I have created a brand with impact, strength and sales. I will provide you with my perspective, experiences and insight to help you take your idea to the next level.

  • Do you have the ingredients? – understand the personal traits of those who make it and “live the dream”
  • Ideas and products – are they right?
  • Marketing – what’s the plan?
  • Operations – how to make it happen
  • Customer service – making memories
  • Funding – how to get funding
  • Setbacks – how to develop thick skin and keep your mojo
  • Measuring success
  • Finding happy

Marissa is available for keynote addresses, break-out sessions, corporate events, association meetings, trade-shows or sales meetings within North America. Fees vary depending on location.

Past Clients include:
ATHENA Oakville
Benefits for Women
Canadian Club
Canadian Re-designers Association
Canadian Women’s Foundation
Career Foundation
Centre for Skilled Trades
Company of Women
Habitat for Humanity
Hamilton Training Advisory Board
Ladies Who Launch
Keyano College
Ontario Women’s Directorate
Options – Perris Training
Skills Canada
Start-Up Canada
The Learning Partnership
Waterloo Wellington Training and Adjustment Board
Women in Business Network
Whitby Chamber of Commerce

How do find your moxie?
Marissa McTasney is a speaker who will bring an audience from laughter to tears to insight through the genuine understanding of motherhood, sacrifice, entrepreneurship, success and happiness. Marissa has experienced the tsunamis of bringing an idea to fruition. She understands what it’s like to feel like you are in so deep that you can’t get out. She knows how to enjoy the climb and take in the view. She will help you find your moxie, live your dream and think beyond boundaries. She’ll share her stories to living a happy and successful life.

To book Marissa, please contact:
The Moxie Trades Hotline


Featured Articles
Anne DayAnne DayCompany of Women

I have watched with pride as Marissa has worked to make her dream come true.  Right from the start when she received our Company of Women grant I was impressed with her savvy, business acumen and her determination to succeed.

When she was on Dragons’ Den, it was an honour to stand with her as she pitched her business and over the years we have stayed in touch and when I have needed a speaker, she’s there for me.
Marissa is real. She tells it like it is and through her authentic presentations, she inspires other women to think big and go for it, just as she has done.

(There is a chapter about Marissa in Anne’s book Day by Day – Tales of business, life and everything in between which can be ordered through Company of Women.

Anne Day
Company of Women 

Wendy Wendy Moxie Ambassador

What you have done is nothing short of amazing – you are an inspiration to all women. And to have slayed the dragons in the process.As in the past, women do most of the work, and now, with the right education and equipment, we can do even more and with great confidence and even greater skills. And on farms – women do more than ever. But the problem has always been to get proper footwear – kids boots are too flimsy and mens boots are too heavy and large for those of us who are tiny. And then you appear!!!!

The boots are wonderful and true to size – which means I don’t have to go out and shop somewhere and deal with the human race. Ordering on line was quick and easy and the price was right.

So Marissa I salute you, your gutsiness, bravery and leadership. And I shall follow your continued success with the greatest of interest. And the name MOXIE – is superb – I had a horse with that name – and what a winner!! 

WorkBoot Wearer
Moxie Ambassador

W. Brett WilsonW. Brett Wilson

On the show, Marissa rightly turned down the offer that was presented by a couple of the Dragons (including me). As she walked confidently off stage, I asked her to contact me, as I knew that we could find a deal in the real world, away from the constraints imposed by “reality TV”. We met the next day – and a few months later – we closed on a deal for about $600k – that made us partners and gave her access to needed expansion capital. At the time it was the largest deal ever done in Canadian Dragons’ Den history and I was told one of the largest done in the world of Dragons' Den. Marissa is a bright, ambitious and very capable entrepreneur looking to prove herself. My team is working closely with her and her team – as they work through the growing pains of building a fast growing business. I am confident my trust in Marissa is well placed.

W. Brett Wilson
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Dragon