Take the Moxie Pledge For a Chance to Win $1000 Moxie Trades Grant

Support for women in businessThe founder of Moxie Trades slayed a Dragon on CBC, wore pink work boots, stripped down on TV, and ten years later is daring women to take on their own fearless adventures. Marissa McTasney launches the Moxie Pledge and a chance to win grant for tackling fearless initiatives.

Marissa McTasney; Founder and CEO of Moxie Trades celebrates the Original Pink Work Boot’s ten year anniversary by observing March 27th as National Day of Moxie – daring women to find and celebrate their “inner moxie”, or the ability to face fear with spirit and courage.2017-03-22_11-05-26

Moxie women can take the pledge confirming their inner moxie by visiting www.moxieday.com and enter for a chance to win $1,000 grant towards their goal of facing their individual fearless adventures.

Moxie Trades, the maker of the now infamous pink work boot “Betsy”, had humble beginnings as a small Canadian startup. They said it would never work, but “they” were wrong. Through her distribution partner TT Group, Moxie Trades now ships worldwide and can be found in over 500 retail outlets across North America.

McTasney famously ditched her high heels for work boots and she’s been knocking down walls and pounding the pavement with Moxie Trades ever since. McTasney even stripped down on the set of The Naked Entrepreneurhosted by Sean Wise which can be seen on the Oprah Network this month. Her latest activities include marching with the Women’s March Global Team and she strives to highlight the importance of economic prosperity for women.

“Our company has never been about the work boots; it’s always been about the women who wear them” says McTasney; Chief Work Boot Wearer.

With every purchase of the 10th Anniversary Special Edition Pink Work Boot, Moxie shoppers receive a Raglan Shirt and Key chain to mark the occasion. Ten percent of online sales at www.moxietrades.com for the Pink Promo pack will go towards grants for women who wear work boots.

If you would like more information, please contact Barbara Munshaw email social@moxietrades.com.

About Moxie Trades

Founded in 2006, Moxie Trades began with the goal of providing home renovation services primarily by teams of women. Fate intervened as the brand grew and it direction changed to suit the needs of the market. Through sheer grit and determination, Moxie Trades has evolved into the most recognized brand of safety footwear for women in Canada. We strive to deliver the best product with the best customer service for women who work in the trades. Our products – ranging from work boots to protective eye wear can be found in retailers across North America.

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Marissa McTasney Featured In Footwear News Magazine

Footwear News interviews Marissa McTasney in their Oct. 2015 IssueMarissa McTasney has built a business on thinking pink. The founder and co-owner of women’s work boot maker Moxie Trades is on a mission to promote women in the skilled trades by providing them with the right safety gear. Girl Power: Women’s workboot brand Moxie Trades add a touch of pink to blue-collar jobs.
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Expert Panel on Championing and Mentorship for Women Entrepreneurs

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