The Elephant In The Room

Being a social responsible business ownerLiterally, I have this beautiful painting of an elephant. As many events in my life the day this elephant came into my life was significant.

One of the groups I have connected with is Ladies Who Lunch Ottawa (LWL.) It’s for super-connectors, philanthropists and women in business. One of the posts that flew through by LWL newsfeed one day was about Bob Parsons; CEO, Founder of GoDaddy. He went on a $50,000 expedition to Africa. The report highlighted how he helped a community by murdering an elephant who was visiting nightly with his family and eating the crops. Hero Bob thought his good deed would include night vision goggles, guns and a plan of attack. Hero Bob killed the elephant and a community of people became savages and ripped the dead carcass apart.

Now, I have all of domains, web-hosting, email and Microsoft exchange on GoDaddy. I am working to remove each service I have with one with GoDaddy one by one as they come up for renewal. Of course, I wanted to take them away immediately but money and time are a factor that as a business owner I must consider. I am half way to my final move away from GoDaddy.

The elephant in my room reminds me that as an entrepreneur, I have the choice. The choice to work with who I want is the most important decision in my journey; past, present and future. I have learned through many casualties of Moxie Trades who has my back and who doesn’t. I need people who share my values and vision.

Hero Bob could have helped a community build a sustainable program where more farmers could thrive. I wonder if a $50,000 fence would have been a viable option? Maybe a sprinkler system or a well? I don’t know but a hunt is not on my agenda. I am hugely disappointed in him. On a trip to Home Sense that same day I read the article about Bob, I found my painting. I love the elephant in my room. I’m sure it’s significant and symbolic in many more ways that I will come to learn.

I’m super-proud to walk away and support another hero; there are so many out there. I will find her.

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