What Do You Need?

If only the words to Justin Bieber’s song started with What do you need? I had to listen to it several times this morning to make sure I heard it right but alas, the words are What do you mean?  But, I’m still a Belieber.
I have not communicated well with our e-blast program.  Here’s why!
The marketing gurus and business financiers of the world have advised me to sell the product. Product first! Women second! Well, NOT on my watch. So I have been lazy to communicate because selling YOU just isn’t my gig. They fail to realize that my business started because I was a tradeswoman who wanted to wear well fitting and cute work boots.
I love the oxymoron of life – showing strength in a tutu.  It has served me well and truly reflects how I feel on the inside.  How I feel is never a secret to anyone; sorry to those who have witnessed my passionate pleas to make a change. If it weren’t for the tutu and the pink, people might be scared.
I have been fortunate to work with a Federal Minister as part of a panel to help determine tools needed for women to be successful in business.  I toured a second time across Canada with StartUp Canada and met with thousands of entrepreneurs.
In business, I have had the shit kicked out of me.  For the love of moxie! A gift I have been blessed and honoured with.  If only I knew the gift it would be nine years ago.
Without our pink work boot, I would not have had a voice to make a change. I do not whisper for my voice will not be heard.  I can be controversial, passionate, (a good forgiving word to describe a tiraid) and stubborn.
Now… THIS is who we are and the vision behind the brand of 
Moxie Trades:
As neighbours, supporters gather to support my cause, we celebrate and shoot the 2016 catalogue in my hometown.  How gorgeous right?
Then, the idea came to inspire the next generation of women.  Thank you to my gorgeous daughter and her fearless and moxie friends. I will protect these spirits as my life depends on it.
These two photoshoots and the girls inspired the Got Moxie Challenge where we will create a program to inspire young women and donate bursaries and grants. Please join our movement #IGOTMOXIE
Now, we have quarterly contests at Moxie where we give $1000+ in cash and prizes away to a woman with Moxie.

Monthly, we give away Auction Packs to be used to raise funds for various causes we believe in.  We call it our Pink Pack! (Not many left for 2016.)

We also have our 2016 Moxie Trades Calendar.  Each month, we choose a charity or cause to promote.  The “cause” receives $250.00 toward their charity + they received 25 calendars to sell for additional fund-raising. Each charity also received a promo code to be used on our website.  With this promo code 10% of all sales (not profits but total sales) goes to the charity.  We have already donated $500+ in 2016.

Here’s a snapshot of January;
we showcased Moxie Calendar Girl,
Angela Tristram; an entrepreneur who started
Whistle Inc. – linking skilled trades employers with skilled trades employees.


After nine years in the business, we continue to receive requests like “Help me find a job in the trades” to “How do I clean my pink work boots” or “I want to hire a painter, do you know anyone?”
Our work boots pay for us to do the above which is WHY we are in business, but
How can we best serve you and what do you expect from 
Moxie Trades?

From a Moxie Trades Work Boot Brand Perspective, please tell me what you need:

  • a type of work boot?  (we are developing NOW for 2017)
  • have a specific feature or style you are looking for?
  • want us to re-instate the Tradeswoman Directory?   I created this directory so I could find other women in the trades to work with. (yes, I can still swing a hammer)?
  • BLOGS – want us to talk about Safety or DIY Projects?

Other than product info and deals, how can we best serve YOU?

From an Entrepreneurship point of view, what do you need:

  • resources?
  • contacts?
  • advice?  what specifics?
Please email me or reply to this blog.  I want to do good work, not a lot of work and don’t want to be busy to be busy.  I’d rather be useful.
Email me directly and share your thoughts!  marissa@moxietrades.com
I challenge you… if we are not contributing, what the hell are we doing?  Let’s get out there and make a difference.
Do one thing or everything you can think of. It’s progress either way.


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