#FEMCapital Campaign: Celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship

Today is the day! Purchase our book, Feminine Capital ‘Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs’, through Amazon and receive a collection of FREE gifts that include:

  • 2 interactive webinars with authors Barbara Orser and Catherine Elliott.
  • 6 personalized tools to help you apply the principles of Feminine Capital to your business or organization.
  • Exclusive access to a Knowledge Exchange Library of training webinars, templates, eBooks, resources and articles.

By purchasing our book today you are also participating in the #FEMCapital Campaignwhich celebrates and harnesses the power of women entrepreneurs.

Ready to participate?

Purchase Feminine Capital


We have collaborated with the Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada (WEOC) and organizing partner Women’s Enterprise Centre of British Columbia (WEC) to launch the #FEMCapital Campaign. We are delighted that the book Feminine Capital was chosen as the lead educational resource!


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