Part 2 – Finding My Inner Tutu

Part 2 Finding My Inner Tutu
Now you’ve heard about how the life of me dancing in a tutu and pink work boots came to life… Here’s part two – wearing it in public. As part of my community involvement, I made friends with two lovely ladies who had an idea to run an event for women – inspirational, educational and motivational – that was all I needed to hear – sign me up. On the day of our event, our MC called in sick and I was asked to step up to the challenge – I was as pumped as a kid in Disney. I asked one of my dear friends (I only have dear friends, if they aren’t dear, why have them?) and asked her to break into my house to get “the” dress. I worked the day, dancing, emceeing, talking about business. I felt peace, I felt confident and I felt so happy – yes, pink work boots and a tutu. My outside now matches my inside. I finally found who I am! 37 birth years in (25 heart years) – not bad! That day was the day that I owned my statement, my being and my essence. I am a Woman, I am a Wife, I am Brilliant, I am Strong and I can Build S#!t! (No, t-shirt is not available yet) I am living wholeheartedly and fiercely loyal to my wholehearted self. Women wanted to touch my dress, asked me how it felt wearing my dress and where did I buy it and am I happy? Most of the comments are really positive and I think there are a few more tutus in the closet. I’ve learned that if people’s egos didn’t get the best of them, they too would toss on a tutu. However, the odd critic feels I may not be taken seriously. 

Someone recommended that I should do a photo like Arlene Dickinson – horrifying. I will not deny myself the simpleness of a happy dress and a good pair of work boots and a happy spirit – truly comfortable in my own skin. Will I be taken seriously? I sure hope not! That’s not an ingredient that God made me with – that and patience are not in my recipe. Those are not my gifts. Me, my tutu, my pink work boots, a business plan most days and a hammer on others – that’s my gig, my true essence and totally worth fighting for. And if anyone questions if I’m capable – knock yourself out! Want to know how to build a brand – ask! Want to know how to sell to the biggest or best retailers in North America – ask! Want to know how to sign one of the largest deals ever done worldwide on Dragons’ Den and ink a deal with a billionaire – ask! And that’s just the small stuff. My kids and husband – they’re half the reason I aim so high and jump so deep, I am the other reason. It is a journey that I own, every single little bit of it and it’s a blast. Business is tough, it requires a ridiculous amount of energy, focus, determination, smarts and pixie dust. If you’re looking for a polished suit with words of wisdom – I am not your girl. Cause I will tell you, all those business skills and smarts help but they are not the magic. When your heart is beating so fast and hard that you think people can see it jumping out of your throat – that’s the magic – that’s when you know you’re alive. When the naysayers pick on you, that’s when you find your best. When you are challenged, that’s when you rise above. When you are doubted, that’s when you conquer. When you fail is how you learn how real success feels. So that’s the story of me and my tutu and I’ll wear it whenever the occasion calls or not calls. But just so you know, if you see me wearing it or not wearing it, that’s how my heart feels inside.

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