Part 1- The Tutu

Part 1 Finding My Inner Tutu
Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a shift. Deep thought and comments on the colour pink, whether or not I should wear a pink tutu on my profile page and even a pink work boot boycott.
The boycott has been lifted but I sure wish it wasn’t – I have a load of anti-boycott advertising ideas. I did defend myself obsessively.
I must admit; this is what I signed up for. I used to be scared. After my stint on Dragons’ Den (largest deal closed ever worldwide at the time) I used to run into my house, head down.
I wasn’t prepared for the comments, good or bad, I didn’t know how to respond or react.
I felt judged. I was judged.
That was pre-tutu.
After my Charlie dog died, I was inspired by an idea of me wearing a Betsey Johnson dress (our iconic boot’s namesake) and my pink work boots. No one in their right mind would have questioned my decision to buy a dress to drown my sorrows. The truth is, that dress cost more than my wedding dress. (I did get married on a beach but still…)
My husband took photos of me on top of the 407 extension near where I live (for those outside of my little Canadian town, this is a mega site.) I used the photo on my website with the words “I am a Mom, I am a Wife, I am Brilliant, I am Strong and I can Build S#!t! This photo and statement made the front pages of the Toronto Star and an outpouring of comments, emails and phone calls came into my office. If I didn’t make a t-shirt with that slogan on it, other women would!
So my Charlie gave me inspiration and I must admit, I was never been sadder in my life. I’ve never lost anyone close to me and although a kid from divorced parents, my life has been pretty awesome. Charlie’s death also became my truth – raw truth was discovered.
That became the beginning of my wholehearted self – a heart broken business woman with a tutu and work boots and my personal slogan was uncovered “I am a Mom, I am a Wife, I am Brilliant, I am Strong and I can Build S#!t!”

“More on finding my inner tutu – coming next week!”

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