Marissa In The News – National Canadian Women’s March In Washington

Marissa McTasney in the News:

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Morning Star Financial News CBC The National
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Global News Rogers TV Durham
CBC Ontario Today What’s Next After The March
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 TV Durham – After The March

The Privilege is Yours…

How to become a good team leader. LeadershipThe privilege is yours…leadership

There are leadership blogs and posts – Top # of Traits of a Successful Leader and Leaders do these # of things every day.  In researching this blog, I even found this one: Top 100 Leadership and Influence Blogs. (seriously?)  The ego reads these and goes… OK, I’m good – yep, got that one… OK, yep, I’m in the 5am club; OK yep, I’m a good listener,  OK yep, I’m brave… Ego says, booya – I am a leader.  

Hold up chief, not so fast! Continue reading