New Canadians are coming….

My note to the team of people who helped provide boots for the Syrian Refugees coming to Canada.
“I wanted to send everyone a note to say Thank-you.  You all dropped everything and prioritized these orders so that we get to say that we were a small part of something significant.
I was greeted into Tootsies stores by a team members that said, we got a note that “you could take whatever you wanted.”  A girl’s dream walking into a shoe store!
TTG, my distributor who keeps me in business, hustled to pick orders and pack ’em but I knew you would because you are totally awesome.
Neil Melnick expedited inventory lists and had people driving to ship orders within minutes so that we could complete the orders.  Neil also ran from store to store and called other suppliers so we had access to more inventory when and if we get that big order for the rest of the refugees that are coming home to Canada.
Late Wednesday, we received a note that we were short 22 pairs so back to TTG I went yesterday morning.  My daughter and her friend said they were coming with me, they are both 10.  What a great lesson on compassion and being Canadian that we were able to teach them.  And now, they will always remember “When the Syrians came and the 4am drive to deliver boots for them.”  Sara’s Mom also pointed out that two business women are working hard and together to make this happen.  So… The girls now have a business plan and want to give all their money to charity.  (I pointed out that money is good and we need to make profit first.)  However, all in all – amazing lessons learned by 2 inspired and tired kids.
Jody, thank you for calling me.  I am so blessed to know “the woman the government calls when 25,000 refugees are coming to Canada.”  Thank you
We all know, we are in business to make money but not many get to experience these magical moments.  These moments are not lost on me and are in fact, my driving force but you all probably knew that already.
Thank you everyone for staying with me and supporting me.  I totally get to enjoy the perks and privileges of being an entrepreneur and staying in the game long enough to enjoy the good stuff.
I am really grateful!!
Thank you and Happy Friday!”

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