It occurred to me the other day in a heated debate… I am not the customer. When I started the business with the Original Pink Work Boot, it took me five months to develop the concept that included a men’s work boot that was pink, a pink tool belt, safety glasses and hard hat. We had combo packs; pink, blue, green, red, tan and black. That’s a total of five months to source what would launch Moxie Trades. Within four months of my presentation to Home Depot, I had a website, 1-800, logo in for trademark registration and products distributed through Home Depot.

Today, it takes me approximately two years to develop a new style and bring it to life. The reason for this lengthy process is because I have some idea of what I’m doing today. When I started, I couldn’t get my hands on a pink work boot fast enough and I couldn’t wait to share them with the world. Literally, I wanted our shoe boxes to be clear so you could see your very own pair waiting for you – like the fit of a glass slipper – your pink work boot was waiting for only you. I envisioned you finding her and her finding you – that’s how I felt when I opened up my first set of pink work boots.

In that heated debate, my supplier called me his customer. That was a foreign concept to me, it just sounded weird. I was so angry, deliberate and relentless in my determination to have every single detail exactly right. I scoured through past emails to confirm the details I had previously provided to prove my point. I threatened to refuse the shipment of goods without certain particulars. What does that mean to me? Reduced cash-flow, loss of sales and some upset retailers. But, you are worth it.

I am truly obsessed and I am a fanatic. Brett Wilson once called me a “force of nature.” I have been called a pain in the ass, difficult, impossible and I’m sure many other names behind closed doors. BUT guess what? I’m not the customer I am fighting for, you are. The woman reading this blog and wearing my work boots, I am your staunch supporter. I am your advocate. I want every detail to be perfect for you. The moment you open up that shoe box and see our gorgeous tissue paper, I want to have you at moxie.

I care immensely and I will continue my mission to bring you the very best safety footwear. I have found my moxie and hope that you Find your Moxie… I Dare YOU

2 thoughts on “Keep Calm & FIND YOUR MOXIE

  1. I have recently in this last year got to know Marissa from Moxie Trades. She is a very Strong loving woman. She has a great intelligent head on her shoulders and will strive for what she believes in. I believe she will continue to thrive with her passion and I am very happy to have met her! And her daughter is a genuine spirited Talented CHEERLEADER!

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